Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sunday Music Muse Day - Jazz Club, Jazz lounge

This week's Music Muse Day celebrates the places we like to hear Jazz.  Well, at least in the title of these Jazz compilation CD at played today, Jazz-Club Guitar and Jazz Lounge 2.
 Jazz Club Guitar features a nice collection of guitar base groups from 1945 to 1979.  Just check out the song list.
 Nothing sounds or feels better than listening to jazz in a club setting where you're up close and personal with the players.   Whether it's top-flight talents or local up and coming musicians shsaring intimacy of the a jazz club to a treasured experience.
 Jazz Lounge 2 is more eclectic collection  "representative of ongoing fusion of Jazz and Electronics".   It's a nice entry point for Alternative Music crowd.
The Jazz lounge generates a different vibe.  I imagine it as a place where a piano trio might have a standing nightly or weekly gig that draws a regular crowd of local friends and patrons who see the jazz lounge as a second home.  Again, an experience a Jazz lover should have at sometime in their life.  Find that local Jazz club or lounge  and settle in for music and make new friends.  Enjoy.

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