Friday, February 23, 2007

Halo Laser Tag Toy Deal Announced!

Well, how's this for being ahead of the curve. In a recent post on this blog, I proposed game based laser tag toys for Halo, Killzone and other FPS (First Person Shooters games). I even added a mock toy ad. Seems I had the right idea, but different toy company. Here's the announcement:

Halo Laser Tag

I still think the Hasbro LazerTag line are better designed, but I can only hope Bungie has a lot of input into the final toy design, and demand top quality.

I don't assume I had any influence on this deal, whatsoever, but if they saw this blog before their announcement, I bet a account exec or two started sweating a little bit, wondering who leaked the info. My Dragonfly Halo Game Flipz™ book would still make good premium bonus for the Jasman toy release. It's available.

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