Sunday, November 8, 2020

Sunday Music Muse Day - Joe Romano - Perez Patituccci Blade

This Sunday Music Muse Day find us celebrating finally knowing who win the Presidential Election. My congratulations go to the new President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. I like to celebrate with some good music, so up first is Joe Romano This is the Moment (the title is perfect and timely).  I know of Joe Romano mainly through the "Artistry in Jazz" radio show on Jazz90.1 WGMC, host by DJ and friend Tom Pethic. It a pleasant surprise to see the sidemen on this CD included drummer and friend Mike Melito, and Dino Losito, who I just saw last night a Bop Shop Record live online concert with friend Bob Sneider (gee... I'm name dropping like bandit), where they performed tunes from there recent CD release of last month. An added surprise is Tom Pethic wrote the Romano CD liner notes.  Joe Romano playing lives up the praise I've been hearing from Tom over the years.  It seems Joe make very few albums as a leader, so this is a gem to cherished.  Thanks, Tom for the heads up.

Next is Perez, Patitucci, Blade Chidren of the Light. This trio of Danilo Perez, keyboards, John Patitucci. Bass and Brian Blades, drums, offers a interest and thoughtful set of adventurous originals.  It a nice compliment to the Brian Blade Fellowship CD Perceptual, I presented back in September.  Well worth a listen.

With the election of a president settled (almost) we can hopefully look forward to better calmer, stable days.  Always look for music to help smooth out the rough spots. Enjoy.


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