Sunday, March 8, 2020

Sunday Music Muse Day - John Scofield, Chick Corea, Paul Motian

This Sunday Music Muse Day found us suffering the Daylight Saving Time change.  The old reminder saying "spring ahead, fall back" really means stumble around for few days as your body clock adjust to the time change.  I picked an appropriate selection to ease into the day, John Scofield Quiet.  This is a favorite Scofield CD  of mine, a little different from his usual sessions as he plays nylon string acoustic guitar throughout and the adds a full horn and woodwind section to accompany the basic quartet.  The tunes are thoughtful, adventurous, and slightly off-kilter, in a fun way. I love his nod to the library setting in the CD photos.

I continued the day with more mellow selections, both ECM Records releases. Pianist Chick Corea Trio Music Live Europe, with Miroslav Vitous on bass, and Roy Haynes on drums.  Vitous was founding member of Weather Report but left when they move into more electric fusion they become famous for. Haynes is legendary jazz drummer both as leader and sideman.

My final selection is drummer Paul Motian I Have the Room Above Her, with Bill Frisell on guitar and Joe Lovano on tenor saxophone.  Mellow but a little more angular than the other two, but still very enjoyable.

As much as I feel slight off the time change, I know getting up for work Monday morning will be worst. I'll definitely need more music to ease the pain.

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