Sunday, September 22, 2019

Sunday Music Muse Day - Pat Metheny, Quartet with Joe Locke

Having a pleasant, warm day as Fall officially arrives.  What better way to celebrate than with some good music. First up is Pat Metheny One Quiet Night.  This is a solo effort with Pat playing and exploring a single guitar, a baritone guitar.  He states in the liner notes,"...this (recording session) started and ended with just a single guitar and a mic.  This record is about essentially one sound, basically one mood, and taking the to go deep inside a single world."  That sums it up nicely.  This is intimate record, like ease dropping on a private conversation Metheny is having with himself.  I was glad he let us share the moment.

A nice compliment to the first selection is Quartet Live at the Deer Head Inn, featuring vibraphonist Joe Locke, a local musician I know from recordings with Bob Sneider.   This enjoyable live set  that the group stretches out on each of the five tunes, from 10-15 minutes each.  This is the second CD of Record for Deer Head Inn noted as "The oldest continuously running jazz club in the country", and it's still going strong.  If I'm ever in Delaware Water Gap, PA, I'll have to drop in there for a set.

Autumn Equinox has arrived and with it shorter day and longer nights.  Still, there will be good opportunities to listen good music.  Enjoy.

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