Sunday, August 18, 2019

Sunday Music Muse Day - Gerry Gibbs, Snarky Puppy.

This Sunday Music Muse Day find our area experiencing varying weather from quick moving thunderstorms under severe storm warning to period period bright sunshines.  I'll be enjoying these CDs during it all.  First up is Gerry Gibbs Thrasher Dream Trio We're Back.  It's a concept album of Jazz Interpretations of his favorite R&B tunes from the 60's and 70's, including several by Steve Wonder, and Earth, Wind, and Fire.  I can't say I'm totally into this but it's an enjoyable casual listen.  It may lean too far toward smooth jazz for my taste.

Next is Snarky Puppy Immigrance, a solid outing from this musicians collective the blurs the boundaries of jazz and Alternative Rock.  There are always some interesting musical ideas in their music.  Worth checking out.

Rain or shine, listening to good music is the way to go.  Enjoy.

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