Sunday, June 23, 2019

Sunday Music Muse Day - Bill Frisell, Gilad Heselman, CGI Rochester International Jazz Festival

Since I saw Bill Frisell Trio at CGI Rochester International Jazz Festival, last night, it's a not brainer that I pulled out several Bill Frisell CDs to enjoy to today.  With Bill was Tony Scherr (bass) & Kenny Wollesen (drums).

I'll feature one, Good Day Happy man, because it has a favorite tune of the wife, Lisa, 'Poem for Eva'. I introduced Bill Frisell's music to my mother-in-law, during a visit last year.  She like it so much I gave her a copy for a Christmas present. Frisell's really can be enjoy by any generation.

The young guitarist Gilad Hekselman was playing at the jazz festival, also, but he was scheduled the exact time and day as Bill Frisell.  So, Bill had to be my first choice. Lisa and I, thought that if Frisell sold out we could to see Gilad Hekselman instead.  We actually considered going to the second Hekselman show, but two $30 a ticket shows in one night wasn't in out entertainment budget. So, I had to console myself with listening a a current release of his, Ask for Chaos.  Hopefully, he return to the Jazz festival sometime.

Lisa and I will be back at the festival next weekend as volunteers for the Jazz 90.1 radio booth,  on Gibb Street. Saturday 7 - 9pm.  If you come down, drop by and say hello.

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