Sunday, April 1, 2018

Sunday Music Muse Day - Larry Young, John McLaughlin, Bill Frisell, and Gary Burton Quartet

Here's my Sunday Music Muse Day post on Easter Sunday/April Fool's Day.  I thought I'd be writing about the John Abercrombie Tribute Concert I had planned to attend last Monday in NYC, but that didn't happen (a tale share with friend elsewhere).  But during the New York trip was able to pick up my first two picks.  Larry Young in Paris: The ORTF Recording is the excellent 2 discs Resonance Records release of the late organist concerts in 1964-65.  This CD set is getting 5 star reviews for critics, and well worth every star.  This set is a much ore straight ahead jazz than my first exposure to Larry from the original Tony Williams Lifetime, Tony's high energy fusion group (with John McLaughlin on guitar) he formed  after leaving Miles Davis.  Only much lately did I realized he had stellar position the jazz world.  This is great set with Resonance's wonderful packaging including a 66 page booklet of info.

By next pick is slight embarrassment, as I actually already own a copy. John McLaughlin Trio Live at the Royal Festival Hall November 27, 1989.  The title sounded familiar, but the packaging was totally different, so I took a chance.  Only after opening the cardboard case and seeing the insert, that is the same as the other copy's CD cover, did I realize my error. Still great music from a favorite guitarist of mine.

Yesterday, I visiteda local Vinyl Record fair and found a Japanese CD release of The Gary Burton Quartet Duster album. Duster is often considered to be one of the first jazz fusion albums, with guitarist Larry Coryell, bassist Steve Swallow, drummer Roy Haynes, leader Burton on vibraphones, recording in 1967.  Even 51 years later the music still sounds fresh.

Rounding out my weekend CD shopping I was happy to find Bill Frisell Music IS, his latest release.  Bill played at the Abercrombie Tribute I missed, so I think of this as a consolation prize for missing him there.  If you're a guitar gearhead you'll have to check the efx boxes Frisell uses in this solo outing. It's really impressive, as is the music.

So, Happy Easter to all, hope your April Fool's Day was a pleasant one.

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