Sunday, November 5, 2017

Inktober 2017 Sketches.

This past month I decided to take part in the Inktober 2017, started by artist Jake Parker.  Inktober is when you do a ink sketch for every day of the month of October and post it on line.  There is a prompt list of words to help get the creative juices flowing.

 I jumped in on the third, without using the prompt list, but stuck to it after that.  I tried to have fun with this and not get hung up on ego. Several friends joined in on Facebook which may it more fun. The following are the results.

#3 - "Poison" (prompt not used)  I just inked a sketch I was working on.
 # 4 - "Underwater" - Is inspired by Jules Verne 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and Ray Harryhausen.
 #5 "Long" - Inspired by the dialogue line by Edna Mole in the animated film, Incredibles, "no capes".
 #6 - "Sword" - My character Blackwolf holding a sword.
 #7 - "Shy" - This was just going to be a picture of a shy young girl, but as I was inking it I know I had to add a twist. This is one of my favorite drawings of month.
 #8 - "Crooked" The was one of harder to do.  I could think of good solution.  Although several friend found it funny.
 #9 - "Screech" The lettering effect is a nod to comic artist Walt Simonson, and the way he uses type in his comic art.
 #10 - "Gigantic"  Of course, a giant robot had to come to mind.
 #11 - "Run" - This is a homage to Jack Kirby's monster art.
 #12 - "Shattered" - My take on Humpy Dumpty.  I use a toy bot on my bookshelf as model.

#13 - "Teeming"  My twist on the Zombie Apocalypse.  They crave pizza instead of brains. 
 #14 - "Fierce" If you're in a relationship, you know about the toilet lip issue.
 #15 - "Mysterious" - I must confess, I stole the idea from a old art piece of mine. 
 For full disclosure here it is.
#16 - "Fat".  This was a "loaded" prompt.  What could you do that didn't run the risk of being insulting, or offensive?  I think this was a good solution.

 #17 - "Graceful" - A dancer is just a natural image for the prompt.
 #18 - "Filthy" - Raw sewage and free hugs were just made for each other. I started to get more into using the markers.
 #19 - "Cloud" - Is my favorite drawing of the month.  I might even do a more finished version.
 #20 - "Deep" - Again, a natural solution with a twist.
 #21 - "Furious"  The image speaks for itself.
 #22 - "Trail"- I couldn't resist doing a "snail" on a "trail".
 #23 - "Juicy" - I resisted going for a pic of ripe fruit, and decided to take things in whole different direction.
 #24 - "Blind"  You can't go wrong with a blind female warrior.
 #25 - "Ship" - In doing the viking ship, I got to use the lyrics of a song (a work in progress) of mine, "Norsin' around", about a hapless viking captain.
 Here the textless version.
 #26 - "Squeak" - Just a fun twist on rodent humor.
 #27 - "Climb" - Again, the prompt is so vague, there was million possibilities. But King Kong is my favorite movie, and climber, so this fit  the bill.
 #28 - "Fall" Since, what goes up must come down, this just seem right.
 #29 - "United" - I racked my mind for a solution for this prompt, then thought this historic moment in space exploration history.
 #30 - "Found" - Here my ode to Monty Python and the Holy Grail, a favorite movie mine.
 #31 - "Mask"  The prompt was very timely falling on Halloween.
I actually feel a little lost with the daily prompt. I'll have to find another daily sketch challenge to keep me drawing.

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