Sunday, July 16, 2017

Sunday Music Muse Day - ECM Editons, Wes Montgomery, Starbuck coffee shop CD

For this Sunday Music Muse day, we're finally catching a break in the weather, with no rain, or thunderstorms, of the past week. also missed posting, due to being out of town on vacation, part of which includes limited internet access.  Actually, that's a good thing to do sometimes.  When traveling I like to take a couple of jazz complication CDs along, so when we travel through a radio music waste land, we have a few good tunes to listen to. So here's what I took:
ECM Editions a collection of cuts from release, which I'm glad to say I have a lot of them.

Next, was one of those Starbuck coffee shop CDs, Jazz: Unrehearsed Perfection. This is a  Starbucks compilation of Impulse (jazz label) cuts. The second title is a Duke Ellington-Coleman Hawkin's cut, "Limbo Jazz", which has my father playing drums and vocalizing on. I picked this up a year before I found the full CD of the album.

My last travel CD was Wes Montgomery Echoes of Indiana Avenue. Actually, not really a compilation, but very tasty. So much so, I just left it in the car CD player as we cruised around Frankfort, Mi, taking in the sites, visiting family, etc.

So, I 'm back, but still on vacation allowing me plenty of time to enjoy a lot more tunes.

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