Sunday, May 21, 2017

Sunday Music Muse Day - Bob Snieder and Joe Locke, Steve Swallow, Emily Remler (revisited)

On this, another overcast day in Rochester, NY, the music of my Sunday Music Muse Day picks help brighten the spirits.  First up is a companion CD to one I featured last August, that being Bob Sneider & Joe Locke Film Noir Project, "Fallen Angel" (2006).  Nocturne for Ave is the second in their "Film Noir Project", again with Bob's brother, John Sneider on Trumpet. I could play both of these CD all day, and night,  and not get tire of them.  I hope they do more in the future. (My special thanks to Jack Garner, veteran film and jazz critic, who commented on my original Facebook post and told me this CD existed.  He also wrote the liner notes.  Very cool)

Next up is a 1991 solo outing by noted jazz bass player and composer, Steve Swallow titled 'Swallow".   His discography is too massive to list here. Steve Swallow is well known for his association as noted in his wikipedia page, "In 1978 Swallow became an essential and constant member of Carla Bley's band. He has been Bley's romantic partner since the 1980s. He toured extensively with John Scofield in the early 1980s".  My first exposure was to Steve Swallow was his playing with John Scofield, on LPs and live.  Both Bley and Scofield play on this CD. This CD's music easily lives up to the 4/5 star rating on the All Music site listing.

My last pick is a follow up to last week's, post about guitarist Emily Remler.  I mention I was totally thrilled with he last posthumous CD, This is Me,  and mentioned liking her early recordings, more.  As it would happen, I found a CD of it, The Emily Remler Quartet Take Two, and as the title and this quote from an All Music site reveiw states, "Emily Remler's second recording as a leader finds the 24-year-old guitarist still very much playing in the Wes Montgomery vein, although showing her own musical personality here and there."  Hearing it again, only confirmed this session was much more to my liking.

As I finish this post, it's now raining as the sun goes down.  But this music brightens my spirit. I hop you find some good music to do the same, always. Enjoy.

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