Sunday, April 2, 2017

Dime-A-Dozen Project # 3 - Doctor Apollo and Ion, Solor-Naut

[Dime-A-Dozen Projects is so named from a conversation with creative friends of mine as we lamented that when we were working full-time for someone else, we get these (in our minds) original million dollar ideas, that would, somehow, turn into "dime-a-dozen" ideas when we were out of work and on our own.]

Next up in my Dime-a-Dozen projects is more characters created in my early teen years. (1962 - 1969)

Doctor Apollo and Ion.

Doctor Apollo and Ion were a brother team, as best I can remember they were taking part in a solar energy experiment when it was attack by agents of an enemy government.  There was a explosion during the attack, resulting in the two brothers gaining super power enhanced by the sun.

I’m think these characters were inspired by Dell Comic Dr. Solar.

I did a lot of drawings of them but don’t have much in the way of story lines or plots written down about them.


The Solar-Naut seem to be another solar powered hero.  But, I’m thinking the may have been influenced by Iron Man, with the solar cell leg and arm bands being used instead of Tony Stark’s chest power core module.

There is one drawing of Ion and the Solar-Naut teaming to battle a Magneto-like character, who’s name escapes me.  “Magnus” (?)

This character with the 'Peace Sign" on his chest was a version  of the Solar-Naut so was a artificial body powered by a miniature nuclear heart, with muscles were made from a artificial muscle fiber (which is actually being developed today) activated by electric pulses.  He was scientist who's brain was transferred into a android body.

 Probably inspired my 8th Man, since it pre-dates Robocop by twenty year.  I can say 8th Man inspired  Robocop, too.
Next up will my Captain America inspired character.  Be sure to check in again.

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