Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sunday Music Muse Day, Jazz 90.1 (Goodies cont'd) Rodney Whitaker, Etiene Charles, and Chuck Mangione

This week's Sunday Music Muse day selections are the rest of the CDs we won at the auction at the Jazz90.1 annual Evening of Wine, Jazz & Art, at the Artisan Works. (see last week's entry)  First up, Rodney Whitaker When we Find Ourselves Alone. It a nice traditional jazz outing.

Next, is Etienne Charles, San Jose Suite.  The music of this CD "...exploits prodigious and protean talents in examining the history of African and First Nation peoples, their confrontation with colonial conquest and terror, and their remarkable and enduring cultural influence. The vast historical sweep of the Suite stretches from San Jose in Etienne’s native Trinidad to Costa Rica in Central America and San Jose in Northern California. (from the liner notes).  Hearing to this CD you can almost feel the Caribbean sun on your skin.

Okay, my last selection is well known Chuck Mangione, Greatest Hits.  I must confess that I maybe committing a sacrilegious act, by saying I'm not big a fan of Mangione, who is a local hero.  It may just be, for me, a case having heard "Chase the Clouds Away" and "Land of Make Believe"  one time too many.  I'll be donating this to my public library.

Again, these CDs will help fill the coming fall and winter day with hours of great listening.

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