Sunday, September 25, 2016

Dime-a-Dozen Project - Preview

I posted this for Throwback Thursday, on Facebook, this video is a pre-preview of my Dime-a-Dozen Project on this blog, where I'll be taking my old drawings, characters and concepts and use them to, hopefully, get the creative juices flowing again. Galaxic Tallgunner is based on a storyboard of a short film idea I started in 1978. You get the idea, a dime-a-dozen idea.

Here's are this original thumbnail storyboard sheets.

I have ton's of unfinished projects in the form of character sketches, incomplete written outlines, half drawn comic pages, and full illustrations.  I feeling the need to catalog for my own sanity and for simple record to leave my kids, and as I say above, along the way rekindle my creative juice and start drawing again.  Stand tuned.

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