Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sunday Music Muse Day - Morrie Loudon, David Friesen, Herbie Hancock

Time for another Sunday Music Muse Day.  These weeks are flying by, ummer is almost over and fall is just around the bend.  Whatever the season, it's always a good time to share good music.  Two of my picks this week are leaps of faith, sort of. The first, is Morrie Louden Time Piece, which I picked up because it has guitarist Lionel Loueke, who's CD I picked up recently, and the drummer Adam Nussbaum, who I know from his work with guitarist John Scofield, on it.  Those were the only names I recognized among the large players list. Time Piece (as I researched) is Louden's debut album released in 2007 and it gets 3/4 stars on All About Jazz website.  I have to agree with the reviewer, "Time Piece turns out be a delightful mix of material, showing his writing skills as well as his chops on the acoustic bass."  I'm enjoying it, and especially like the title tune.  I'll have to look for more of his CDs.

Another small leap of faith is next selection of David Friesen, Airto Moreira, and Gary Barone  Anicent Kings.  Just a small leap, because I have albums of bassist David Friesen in duets with guitarist John Stowell, from back int he 1970's.  I just haven't come across his music lately.  The same could be said for master percussionist Airto Moreira, who played with so many legendary artists and group including Miles Davis (Bitches Brew era), Weather Report (first album), Return to Forever (first two album) and countless other.  Jazztimes said, "The album, recorded in 1994, makes its point eloquently without shouting...and the echoes of this session occasionally suggests a distilled Bitches Brew. Minor keys dominate."  There is one cut, Rooftops, that I heard echos of Jimi Hendrix' Third Stone from Sun, It well worth a listen.

My last selection is more of a no-brainer, Herbie Hancock The New Standard.  It would be hard to pass up a Herbie CD with the talented players on the session, Micheal Brecker, saxophones, John Scofield, guitars, Dave Holland, bass, Jack DeJohnette, drums, and Don Alias, percussion.  Most of these guys have lead their own groups in addition to having played together on other various projects over the length of their careers.   A nice addition to my music stash.

This is my first weekend as a empty nester, so it's nice to have good music to help fill the void.

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