Friday, June 10, 2016

Throwback Thursday (1 day late) Ancient Original Comic Book Characters

Throwback Thursday. Here are some ancient original superhero characters from my teenage years (1960s). I keep thinking I need to update them, if I could remember the concepts behind them.  I'll start collecting the various sketches and start posting in future blogs.
Best I can remember Doctor Apollo was inspired by Solar, Man of the Atom, the original Dell Comic.
ION was Doctor Apollo's sidekick.
Sabre Squad, part of S.P.R.I.T.E, which was like Man from UNCLE group
 Warrior was leader of the Sabre Squad.   Also this is the back page of a Famous Artist School test.  You can see the grade and notes at the bottom.  No, I did not do it.

 Falcon was created before the Marvel Falcon. Which is maybe why I stopped working on him when Marvel's Falcon appeared.
This the SolarNaut. The bands on arm and leg absorb sunlight and power his bionic implants, or something like that.
This is the Centipede, an arch-villain of the Sabre Squad.  He operates a giant mechanical Centipede show in the drawings below the figures.

I'm using my digging into my old art files as a way to get  my creative juices flowing again.  It's time to learn to draw for fun again.

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