Sunday, May 29, 2016

Sunday Music Muse day - Gretsch Corvette back in action.

I'm forgoing my usual Sunday Music Muse Day post, and instead spending my time getting re-acquainted with my1963 Gretsch Corvette 6132 guitar, which I just got repaired at Bernunzio Uptown Music.

The Corvette is my first guitar I brought from co-worker back in the early 1970's for $60, when I was decided to learn guitar. In it's original state it only had the single Gretsch bridge pickup, and a wooden bridge. About a year after having it, I slapped a old Fender telecaster pickup on it and a three-way toggle switch. I have to confess I did hackneyed job adding the second picked, but it worked. The wooden bridge broke, so it was replaced with a cheap metal bridge. Eventually, the Corvette was replaced as my main axe by the Gibson 175T, and moved to third fiddle, briefly, by a Fender Stratocaster I owned for awhile, until I realized I'll never sound or play like Hendrix. When I move to Rochester, the Corvette was showing it age. The pick guard had warped, buckled, and partially melted.

 A co-worker at my public library job told me a relative could repair it for me, free. Okay. But a year later, I had to ask for it back because nothing was done except disassembling it. So, after two more years of debating getting it repaired, or buying another sold body guitar, I finally sprung for getting it repair. It was more a sentimental choice. It was my first guitar, and it deserved a better fate than being in pieces, and unplayable. The Bernunzio tech did a great job replacing the pick guard, re-wiring the electronics, and suggesting and mounting a better Gibson tuning bridge. 

 Now, even if i don't play it much it has it's dignity back.

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