Monday, February 29, 2016

Sunday Music Muse Day - Stan Getz and Charlie Byrd, Kenny Burell with Art Blakey, and Verve/Remixed 1 and 2

Sorry, I missed a week, but life happens.  This week's Sunday Music Muse day includes two CD re-issued of classic jazz albums and a modern update on a classic labels tunes.  First up, Jazz Samba, by Stan Getz and Charlie Byrd.  This CD of the 1962 recordings, according the the liner notes, Jazz Samba was "the first album of true bossa nova music by jazz artists and the one that broke the bossa nova wave in the 1960s America."  I can believe that from the first notes of the "Desafinado", the opening track, which has appeared on many of my compilation records, and CD, but it never sounds dated.

The second classic re-issued CD is Kenny Burrell at the Five Spot Cafe, although the original cover reads "Kenny Burell with Art Blakey On View at the Five Spot Cafe".  Either way, it's stellar outing by the legendary guitarist.

 My next two selections are to be consider as one unit, Verve//Remixed 1 & 2 CDs.  I'd heard several selections from these CDs on alternate radio stations like KCRW in Los Angeles and liked them.  Verve records, the classic jazz label, opened their vast vaults to young DJs, producers, and remixers working in electronica and club dance music.  It was always interesting to hear snippets of a jazz classics in the new context. This may be some young listeners first exposure to jazz, and hopefully it will lead to them seeking out the origins of the samples.

These CDs make for a nice mix of old and new.  Well worth considering for enjoyable listening. 

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