Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Thundercats Tuesday TC 127 - 130

This week's Thundercats Tuesday marks the final episodes of the original Thundercats series.  I was lucky enough to get a chance to design some new characters and write another script, more on that later.

TC #127 - "The Touch Of Amortus"

TC # 128 - "The Zaxx Factor"

 Unfortunately, I lost the finshed pencil design.  The one above is an earlier sketch in which I thought of giving Zaxx's a Ibis head. 

 Zaxx's head is a tribute to Foghorn Leghorn, classic  Warner Bros. cartoon character.

 TC #129 - "Well of Doubt"
 Well of Doubt and second and last scripting assignment.  The concept for the story was inspired by the terracotta warrior statues found buried in China.  I got to see a exhibit of them in Canada two or three years ago.  I think their amazing.  I knocked around was a slightly different storyline for this episode, but I'll save that for next week.

 This episode saw the return of Tor and Jagara.

 This is actually animation cel setup of this cave scene.  There is 6 levels of animation art in this.

 TC #130 - " Book of Omens"
 This last show have everything but the kitchen sink in it.  There was plenty of reused prop and background designs.  Pyron was a lot of fun, if just a ltttle over designed and really he didn't get a lot of screen.

 I glad the Dragon' hall returned.  That one of my favorite location.

 So ends the original Thundercat series.  I was a wonderful experience for me and a blast to work on.  I still have some odds and ends to share so join me next week for more Thundercats Tuesday.

Celesta art got all the items in the last post.  She listed the comments.  Good job, Celesta.

Celesta asked why episode #110 was missing.  Well, actually I didn't have to do any designs for the show.  It was all reused characters, props and backgrounds,  In fact I don't even have to script title sheet in my file.  Thanks for visiting the blog.

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Celesta Art said...

Wonderful! It is very exciting to see more of the "making of" side.

Have you considered revisiting Zaxx to give him the Ibis head? Imagine the presence of the character in such a form.

Thank you for the follow-up on episode 110.

I look forward to learning more from you.