Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Thundercats Tuesday - Postponed, but To be Continued

Sorry to postpone making a new Thundercats Tuesday post today.  I sent my son off to college today, so the wife and I were a little busy, and emotionally wiped tonight.  So here is few odds and ends to tide you over until next time.

I actually had very few Thundercats action figures.  I remember getting some playsets and giving to my younger brother for Christmas.  You'll notice Lion-O is in a Lorimar-Telepictures coffee.  They were the owners and distributor of Rankin/Bass.  There action figurs from two other shows I worked on in this picture.  Can you name them?  Post your answer a comment.
 This a detail of a Thundercats promotion folder I sold on Ebay years ago.
 This map of New Thundera was done by artist Jim Meskimen for the Return to Thundera five-parter.
Again, I do have some other odds and ends to share, so please check in again.  Thanks.

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Philip Gipson said...

Again, your "ThunderCats" knowledge is appreciated.