Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sunday Music Muse Day - Duke meets Coleman Hawkins, Charles Mingus - Mingus Ah Um, Clark Terry, and Dave Brubeck Quartet

This Sunday Music Muse Day finds me sharing new purchases with classic appeal, and a personal connection.  First up is the Duke Ellington meets Coleman Hawkins CD of the classic Impulse album.  I've been looking for this CD forever since I my father, Sam Woodyard, plays on this with other members of Duke's band.  Plus, Sam's name is right there on the cover, like so many of the classic Impulse covers.  But, the biggest thrill is the first tune"Limbo Jazz", were Sam is heard vocalizing on the tune unaware the he's being recorded.  I'm so glad Duke release this cut as is.  I always get a kick out of hearing it. Of course the whole session is full of great playing by everyone.  I had a copy of Limbo Jazz on a Starbuck Jazz compilation, so it's nice to have the original set. An additional plus is I found this in the used bin for $5.00.  That's a true bargain, but having it is priceless to me. 

The next selection also has Sam playing with his close friend, Ellington band mate, Clark Terry, on Clark Terry and his Ocrhestra, featuring Paul Gonsalves. (I picked up another Clark Terry Cd, but I'l save that for next week)  This CD starts off swinging with a drum intro by Sam on the first cut, "Serenade to a Bus Seat".  I think Clark have a thing for humorous titles. The music swing so hard it brings a smile to your face.

Talk about a bargain, This 2 CD Legacy Edition set of Mungus Ah Um / Charles Mingus is just that.  It's full of classic Mingus tunes and many of my favorites. I'm embarrassed to paid $9.99 for this.  A real head-scratcher was that the record shop (that will remain nameless) had it in a miscellaneous section it call "not sure what to label these".  I think the staff needs a little music education, if they don't know  Mingus is a Jazz legend. In any case, their lost is my gain.  The CD set contains the entire album versions of the Mingus Ah Um and Mingus Dynasty LPs, plus alternate takes and bonus tracks, and a nice liner notes booklet.  Like I said, a real bargain.

My final selection is the Dave Brubeck Quartet - Jazz Impression of Japan.  The liner notes says this it was long out of print.  I looking forward to to enjoying this.  

You can never have too much Dave Brubeck in your music collection.  Enjoy

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