Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Thundercats Tuesday - TC # 120 - 123

Here's this week's Thundercats Tuesday enter features four stand alone episodes.  The production numbers for the shows are TC #120, 121,122, and 123.  These shows were light on new character designs, and other designs, too.  Sometimes it is good to conserve you production budget by re-using characters, props, and backgrounds.  This is easier to do with shows, like Thundercats,  that have a deep stock of established characters and backgrounds.

First up, TC #120 - "Malcar".

 Those were tablet that were to be in the tomb of Malcar showing other wizards, but they didn't make it into the episode.  The "punny" names were my idea.

 TC #121  - "Helpless Laughter"

 These are the Evil Lily pads from TC # 117 - "Frogman"

TC # 122 - "Cracker's Revenge".
 Here's Capt. Bragg and Crownan.

 Capt.Cracker from the first season.
 Mandora, form the first season, also.
 Here's are-use of the Bragg's circus train.
 Even the Luna-Taks are in this episode.

Not sure this made it into the show.
 TC #122 - "The Mossland Monster".

 Here's a Stone cat  Giant from TC #111 - Return to Thundera Part 1

Like I said, these episodes featured lot of established characters.  Let me know in a comment,  who are your favorite support characters in the Thundercat's series, other than the main Thundercats.  Mandora is one of my favorites.  Thanks for dropping by.  Enjoy.


Unknown said...

Thank you again for sharing. Your walking through the the episodes with your comments is a delight! I look forward to joining you here to learn from you.

I had a chuckle at your pun names for the other dead wizards. The cat wizard reminds me of a version of Bast.

I am so glad Eezuka was designed for the episode amid the stock of previous episodes. There is a certain yin and yang to the process that feels right, of "old" and new.

My favorite supporting characters are: Claudus, Kano, Hachiman, Turmagar, Gomplin, Snowman, Snow Meow, Mandora, Willa, Ro-Ber Bill, Ro-Ber Belle, the Thundercats spirit (one from the Eye of Thundera), Tor, and Crownan. Is Eezuka considered in this group, too? I would have loved to have seen an ep covering whether the cats and Eezuka could be allies.

Anonymous said...

Lol@ Cleocatra! Amazing art. Thanks for sharing as always. My favourite supporting characters were Wizz-Ra and Jaguara. I wish the show had revealed a little of Jaguara's origins and if in fact she was related to Jaga. As a kid I was terrified of the vampire mermaid (siren?) who tried to kill Tygra before attacking Lion-o.