Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sunday Music Muse Day Ultra-Lounge, more Pat Metheny, and More Charlie Hunter.

Today's Sunday Music Muse Day includes a truly out of left field selection, but it turned out to be terrific fun.  I picked up three items form Hi-fi Lounge, here in Brighton, NY, Ultra-Lounge,  a sampler collection from a series of CDs featuring lounge music from the 1950s and 60s, Pat Metheny's "Rejoicing" with Charlie Haden and Billy Higgins, and Bobby Previte and Charlie Hunter - Groundtruther  Latitude.
I must say Ultra-Lounge is the highlight of the group. It was bought almost as a afterthought.  I picked it up and was intrigued by the packaging.  The cover bamboo image is ribbed, giving it a feel of real bamboo. 
 Then the fold out insert is full of cool art and graphics.  How could I resist this illustrated lounge scene.

 The old lounge match book graphic it perfect.   Even the pineapple on the disc continues the theme.
 The match book open up the the other CDs  in the Ultra-Lounge series.  I'll have to keep an eye out  for them.
The the selection of tunes really has some fun items, TV themes old shows like The Munsters, My Three Sons, and Get Smart/ Casino Royale.  Boomers will remember a lot of these songs, and artists, like The Boy from Ipanema by Peggy Lee ( a answer to Girl from Ipanema), fun tunes like Just A Gigolo/I Aint Got Nobody by Louis Prima, and lounge versions of pop tunes Light My Fire by Zacharias (?) and Happy Together by Mel Torme.  Bonus Tracks include  great singers Julie London, Lena Horne and Nancy Wilson.  There's an unlisted bonus track that is an instruction song on how to play the bongos.  Priceless.  I highly recommend this CD, it's guaranteed to leave you smiling.

The Pat Metheny - Rejoicing CD is a wonderful experience.  With the late Charlie Haden on bass and Billy Higgins on drum it very solid going. The opening cut, Lonely Woman, by Horace Silver, is one of my favorite versions of that tune.  I may of have vinyl copy of this, but I could resist pick up this CD.  It's easier way to enjoy it.

Okay, the last selection is Bobby Previte and Charlie Hunter - Groundtruther  Latitude.  It also has speciel guest Greg Osby, on alto saxophone.  Again, I picked this because I find Charlie Hunter's 8-string guitar playing interesting.  This CD may take some time to explore and form an opinion on.  I really can't play it when my wife is in the room, it's just too "out there", so I'll have to get back to you on it.

Happy Father's Day to everyone, an Enjoy

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