Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sunday Music Muse Day - Henri Texier, Lars Moller Group, & John Abercrombie

Today's Sunday Music Muse Day post features two European artists.  While clearing some CDs from my office desk I came across these discs,  Henri Texier - Colonel Skopje and Lars Moller Group - Colors.  The musicians on the Texier CD are well know American artists, guitarist John Abercrombie, electric bassist Steve Swallow and multi-reedman / percussionist Joe Lovano.  Plus, drummer Aldo Romano, a native Italian and resident of France.   Although I have several vinyl albums of Henri Texier from the mid-1970s.  I hadn't come across one of works in a long time.   I wasn't familar with the Lars Moller group, including the leader.  The common thread in both groups is guitarist John Abercrombie.  In all likelihood, that's probably the reason I picked these up.  It's part of the fun of discovery finding new music by using band personal connections to lead you in different directions.  Sometimes it's dead end, and other times it leads to whole new vistas of music.  These were worth listening to.

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