Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sunday Music Muse Day - Follow your Heart or Arjen's Bag - A triple Play

While doodling on my guitar Saturday I happened upon what sounded like the opening chords for John McLaughlin's composition Follow your Heart, one of my favorite McLaughlin tunes.   So I looked it up and there are at least three versions of note.   My first exposure to the tune was from his Mahavishu John McLaughlin My Goals Beyond album.

  I remember taking it out from the Lincoln Center Music Library, in New York City.   That was a great way to preview new music for a poor struggling artist, at the time.  I later bought my own copy.  

The second version was on his debut album Extrapolation, but the tune is titled Arjen's Bag.

This I think is the original version record in 1969 although it wasn't released in the U.S. until 1972 after John success with Mahavishnu Orchestra.  This predates the My Goals Beyond which was released in 1971.

  The third version in the triple play is on the Joe Farrell Song of the Wind album on the CTI label.

  This session features Chick Corea, Jack Dejohnette, and Dave Holland, and of course John McLaughlin.  That is a heavy group.  I don't own the album, but think it was one I also took out from the library.  That said, it's one that I need to add to my must buy list.

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