Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sunday Music Muse Day - Kneebody

  Happy Sunday Music Muse Day. It's my day to share some music with who ever stumbles across this blog.  It's nice to discovery new music, new to me anyway. I was in iTune radio , this morning, and click on Winter Jazz Fest radio and this group Kneebody played. I thought "these guys sound good". So I googled the band and Winter Jazz Fest. The band actually was started by band members when they attended the Eastman School of Music, here in Rochester The Winter Jazz Festival is an annual Jazz event in NYC, the next one starting this week, January 8. It a multi-venue, multi-day event like the Rochester Jazz Festival. My NYC friends should check out. But, for now check out Kneebody. I picked a live version from youtube. Enjoy.

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