Saturday, January 3, 2015

New Year's Resolutions - January 2015

Well, how embarrassing, it has been a solid year since my last post and I'm still on the same subject...New Year's Resolutions.  Well to be fair, I've been using my Facebook page for a most of my musings this past year.  Truth be told I like making resolution lists.  New Year is a time to take stock, review, and set goals.  Getting back to writing in this blog is one of the them.

So here goes:
  1. Write in this Dragonfly View Blog at least weekly.   Mostly likely on the weekends, especially the Sunday Music Muse day post.  I'll use this blog for more creative stuff and use Facebook for more personal, family stuff.  Some things post to my Facebook site can fit here as well. 
  2. Continue creative projects, complete unfinished ones like the Warrior in the Mist flip book.  Revised and update old projects, like  Ruby, Galactic Gumshoe short to their remixed soundtrack.  At the least keep drawing in my lunch time sketch books.   In the past year I have been drawing in my lunch time sketch book.  Here are the best of the current book.

    Not Kim K.

  3. Read more books.  At least try to read a book a month.  That is a lowest bar I can set with being totally embarrassed if I don't do it.  Here's a pile of book unread books I pulled from my shelves.  These will be a start.
  4. Upgrade my  Which means switch it from earthlink to squarespace.  I've started the Squarespace site.  More details to come.
  5. Make more music.  Actually, I've been playing more guitar since I broke down and bought a new one, the Ibanez Montage (pictured on the right).   I'd like to make good recordings of at least two original songs of mine.  There are some related music projects like transferring some old music from cassette and reel to reel to CD.
  6. Post more to youtube to build that channel as revenue generator.  I realize I missed uploading videos and the ones I have do generate cash every couple of months. 
  7. Prepare for retirement from the Animation Guild.  Mostly filing papers on time.
  8.  Finally as in my last resolution post "I guess my main resolution is be more more productive. Be a better Human Being, if it's not too late."
Here wishing everyone  Happy New Year.

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