Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday Music Muse Day - May 6, 2012

Another Sunday Music Muse Day.  I started the day with another Gerry Mulligan CD, which I had in my collection already. I brought "Dragonfly" by the Gerry Mulligan Quartet mainly because of the title name.  (What can I say, I have a thing for dragonflys)  The music is a nice way to ease into Sunday morning.

The quartet includes John Scofield on guitar. Scofield is one of my favorite guitarist and I have a lot of has early vinyl records and later CDs.  I picked two to listen to today,  "Slo Sco - Best of the Ballads" and "Quiet" which features John on nylon string acoustic guitar instead of his electric.  "Spy vs Spy"  and "Gil B643" on the Slo Sco CD were tunes I used to rock my first born to sleep on my shoulder when he was a year old.  Funny how certain  tunes become linked to special memories.  As always, check these CDs out, and enjoy.

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