Thursday, February 22, 2007

Artist Links - Family & Friends

I added new links to websites of some very talented people, who just happen to "family" and "friends".

Holly Sorensen - Loom-in-Essense
First, is Holly Sorensen, a textile artist (weaver). Holly produces wonderful pieces of art on a loom with originality and excellent craftsmanship (or is it Crafts"person"ship?).

Here a quote from her gallery web page:
"Holly Sorensen's fascination with fiber began in her childhood, while playing in the old woolen mill her family operated in Connecticut. "The colorful webs of yarn, noisy clanking looms, and rich smell of lanolin were magic to me," she says."
"Holly presently has her studio in Empire, Michigan, where she finds inspiration for her fiber art in the soft palette of the local landscape.

Holly's work can be seen at the Belstone Gallery in Traverse City, Michigan."

Holly is my wife's aunt, and one of the people I really admire as an artist and warm person. Check out her art at the link above.

New Lief Films Inc.

Next, are some friends I haven't seen in a while, but they are still very dear to us (Lisa and myself). Dev Ramsaran and Sonja Kodric Ramsaran are animation artists living in Canada. They recently sent us a email with the link to their studio website, a truly family affair, with their lovely daughter, Lief.

Here a quote from the site:
"Dev Ramsaran graduated from Sheridan College's classical animation program in 1978. He won first prize for animation at the 1978 Canadian Student Film Festival with Sonja for the film 'Madhouse Rag'. Since then he has worked in the field on a multitude of productions for television, videos and feature films.

He has worked as a storyboard artist, sheet director, animation director and overseas animation supervisor. He has been recognized by The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences several times for contributing to the multiple Emmy Award winning 'Arthur' TV series.

"Sonja Kodric Ramsaran graduated from Sheridan College's classical animation program in 1978. Her student film 'Madhouse Rag', produced with Dev, took first prize at the 1978 Canadian Student Film Festival...She has worked in the field as a traditional classical animator in Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Athens and Zagreb."

"Lief Renata Ramsaran is an inspiration to the creative process at New Lief Films Inc. 'Grace in the Woods' was a story developed by Lief and her dad during bedtime storytelling...Lief designed the company's logo with a leaf for a nose. She also designed and painted the website's 'Welcome' page using Adobe Photoshop.

Lisa and I met this talented couple in Seoul, Korea when Dev and I were oversea supervisers (for different companies) at Akom animation studio, back in 1993 (before Lief was born). Their friendship has been one of the best thing we gained from that experience. Check out their site for a fuller view of their talents. Dev is also a great classical guitar player (man, I'm a jealous!)

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