Monday, February 26, 2007

Artist Link - Richard Miceli

Here's another artist link for my dear friend, Richard Miceli (Warped Sky Band member), see my early post "Rediscovering the Music Muse or Who's Jack" for more details).

Richard Miceli - Gallery Room

Richard is a very original artist who's paintings are always thought provoking and interesting on many levels (just like his songs). Here's how he describes his work:
"It is the process of creation, not the end result of creation, that is the driving force of my work. By using whatever is necessary to resolve each work, without resorting to the refuge of historic logic and by controlling my own restrictions, I reach conclusions that are beyond the familiar. I create images with their own language and cadence. My work can be experienced and appreciated on its own terms, even though it may not be fully understood. I want to impress more than the eye - I want my work to probe emotion. By means of suggestion and implication, I can make the incomprehensible accessible and alluring."

Take a moment, view his art, it will you something to think about. Enjoy.

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