Monday, January 15, 2007

Martin Luther King Day - Let's Honor him

Few actions and words of one man has resounded and inspired a generation of people more powerfully than those of Martin Luther King. Not just African-Americans, but all people of the world who listened to his words and heard the universal truth they possessed. The call for "civil rights" is one that can be heard from every corner of the globe.

I'm always mindful of the fact that his many struggles and hard fought victories allowed me to advance as person and human being. I choose to honor him by living a life framed by the spirit of his words and fueled with my desire to fore fill his "dream". We, as a people, all human beings, are not there yet. But, I for one will keep trying, and pass that hope and desire on to my children.

Wishing you peace on this day of remembrance and reflection.

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